About Me

Hey there, I'm Jason. My background is in Industrial Design and I am especially interested in solving complex problems and understanding how human behavior and technology intersect. I have a passion for creating beautiful and well thought out products that combine to make an ideal user interface.
I have a degree in Web Design and New Media from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. I also have a bachelor's degree in Communications from the National Taiwan University.
I was born in Taiwan, came to this beautiful city called San Francisco 6 years ago.

Web Design

Here are some Web design projects I have worked on recently. My role is to design the UI/UX, all the visual elements and also write the frontend coding.

Mobile Design

As mobile Web and apps are the main trend in today's market, these projects are to demonstrate my design skills of creating mobile UI.

Motion Graphics

I believe that motion graphics is the best tool to convey a designer's idea, all the graphics on the screen deserve the right to transit and transform freely and elegantly.

  • This is a game that use keyboard to toss garbages into the garbage truck pass by. I created the art works and wrote all the actionscripts.

  • A classic vintage game I made.